Speed & Power

Take your training to the next level with two, four week sessions of intense training. Improve your jump height, agility, and quickness. This is a high intensity class to enable muscles to reach maximum strength in as short a times as possible. We will work on footwork drills, cones, ladder work, elastic bands, incline sprints, various jumps and abdominals.  All classes will be held at the YMCA gym and weight room.

When: Tuesday, Thursday, & Fridays 11:15-12:30am
Fee: $75/session
Sessions: (register for session 1 or 2 or BOTH)
     Session 1: June 4- June 28
     Session 2: July 8- August 2
Ages: 3rd-12th grade
Session 1 deadline: June 1
     Session 2 deadline: July 1
Speed & Power Registration Form